Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tata Young - Temperature Rising (CD Japan Edition) cool!

Lanna Commins - Happy Trip
Lanna 's 3rd album release today. The tracklisting are
1. Jaung Tar Gub Kwarm Ngow : จ้องตากับความเหงา
2. Nhoom Tai Sao Neuh : หนุ่มใต้สาวเหนือ
3. Gaun Jark Gun : ก่อนจากกัน
4. Por Jaai Ruan-Ray : ป้อจาย รวนเร
5. Ploy Hai Chun Raung Hai (Just Let Me Cry) : ปล่อยให้ฉันร้องไห้
6. Poo-Chai Park Kaeng : ผู้ชายปากแข็ง
7. Kwan Erei : ขวัญเอย
8. Meur Rai Ai Ja Kow Jai : เมื่อไหร่อ้ายจะเข้าใจ
9. Seur Hang Kwarm Sook : เสื้อแห่งความสุข (นิทาน ตอลสตอย)
10.Yah Leum Chun Na : อย่าลืมฉันนะ

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Briohny - A Pocketful of Dream her 1st English-language album
Briohny Smyth Kate, Thai bubblegum pop artist Briohny's 9 song, self titled album includes the bright, wistful recordings "A Pocketful Of Dreams," "Perfect World," and "All I Want Is You." Japanese reissue released in 2003 by EMI contains an additional recording. If you wanna see the video just click at the picture below (Sorry if it LQ). check it out!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ball Wittawat - Seasons Change Ost.
The Actor and Actress from the movie 'Seasons Change' done their soundtrack album. Yes! they can sing too and it's not too bad. This's one is my fave song(actor! lol) Ball Wittawat - Mai Nae Jai Tua Eng ( What My Heart Wants To? ). Their album is coming up!

DL: Ball Seasons Change - Mai Nae Jai Tua Eng ( What My Heart Wants To? )

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tata Young - Zoom 2nd single from her new album "Temperature Rising"

Thai pop goes inter. The best we can do?
See the comments to get this vidz.

Plamy - Bring Me To Life
The cover version of Evanescence's hit song 'Bring Me To Life' Plamy live in her concert featuring Toon the frontman of Bodyslam. Well done! What do u guys think of it?

DL:Palmy feat. Toon Bodyslam - Bring Me To Life

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Jamp - Jamp (1st Album)
Classic album in 1999, 'In The Summer Time & Limbo Rock' is Jamp 1st single and another track is 'Venus' Bananarama original hit song. I really like it! Enjoy this!
The tracklisting are
1. In The Summer Time & Limbo Rock
2. Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep
3. Mai tong huang chun | ไม่ต้องห่วงฉัน
4. I started a joke
5. Venus
6. Simon says
7. Sugar sugar
8. Can't take my eyes off you
9. Miss you like crazy
10. Kor jai ter kuen | ขอใจเธอคืน
11. Mai ruk dai ngai | ไม่รักได้ไง
12. Mai tong huang chun | ไม่ต้องหว่งฉัน ( minus -1 )

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another Part of Nicole
In 1997 Nicole Theriault winning the Stars Search contest and continues to sustain a successful music career like a Lady Funny. she released 3 English albums and this one is her first English album 'Another Part of Me' in 2000. After she married with rocker Maew Jirasak and welcomed a son, Tigger ...we still waitin' for her new album.

DL : Nicole Theriault - Stealing and Symphony

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Briohny - Short
This is Briohny Kate's 1st single 'Lut Wong Jorn (Short)' from her 1st album 'Briohny'in 1998. But this song does not include in her greatest hits album 'Briohny : Be + Me'(Don't know Why? I luv this track!). She is the one of Thai artist's CD that hard to find their old cds. Enjoy!

DL:Briohny - Lut Wong Jorn (Short)
Bird Thongchai McIntyre - Thongchai Village Cover
The latest album from "Thongchai Village" is coming on 21st September, 2006. It is coming closer and closer!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mint - What's Your Name? Vidz
I had an interview with Mint on last Friday for Mtv Magaine and she give her vcd to me cool! she's great its a good album. I just upload Mint's MV on youtube. Hope you'll enjoy it.
Lanna Commins - Jong Ta Kab Kwam Ngow (Face up to loneliness) Video

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Christina released first English album
In 2000 Christina Aguilar released her first English album 'Christina & Fearn'. The album feature Sarah Jane Fearnley, English singer who sang backup for Spice Girls and soundtracks of the movie "Evita". This album had songs that re-arranged her popular songs in English and this album only release in Thailand and some contries in Asia. Enjoy!

DL: Christina & Fearn - You're The One and Call Me Back

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bird Thongchai - Na Na new vidz

Ie's Song Hits
This is my all-time favorite pop-rock-alternative album 'Ie' Plor Jai in 1996.'s still good and her voice was great! CHECK IT OUT!

DL: Ie - Nan Lear Kern (I Have Been Waiting)
DL: Ie - Jing Ru Plao ( Is It Real?)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Making the Video 'Marsha - Chuer chun (Trust Me)' album Selection

12 Begin a short film before 13 Beloved

13 Beloved in theater 5 Oct 2006

click to see trailer!
my next program, can't wait to see both !

Mai Charoenpura feat.Jim Brickman
Mai Charoenpura collaborate with the pianist Jim Brickman in her new song 'Num Hom Tee Mai Keay Jang (Fragrant)' from her new album 'Always' in stores October 17th 2006. Enjoy!

DL: Mai Charoenpura feat.Jim Brickman - Num Hom Tee Mai Keay Jang (Fragrant)

Lanna Commins - Happy Trip
For Lanna Commins new single "Jong Ta Kab Kwam Ngow (Face up to loneliness)"s set to be the first single and will be released Sep. 28th from the new album "Happy Trip". Let's check her fansite it's very cute!

DL: Lanna Commins - Jong Ta Kab Kwam Ngow (Face up to loneliness)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Rhythm of Palmy
5 Aug 2006, 'Palmy in Concert : The rhythm of the times' I wasn't at that show but I think it was good. This was an outstanding concert, and one that I wish I could watch on DVD (but her label release only VCD oh.. that's s**k!!) anyway.. I like her poster. it's cool.

VCD Release Date: Sep 12 2006
the tracklist :

Disc 1
Title Opening
Overture + Tick Tock
Tum pen mai tuk
Yark rong dunk dunk
Kwam jeb puad
Medley : Pood mai tem park & Tob tuan & Klua & Kwam song jum see jang & Paed mong chao wun Ung-Karn
Puen tee suan tua
Fah song chun ma
Rong hai ngai ngai kub rueng derm derm
Koon-jae tee hai pai
Ter hen tong-fah nun mai with T-BOne
Ska lover T-BOne

Disc 2
Kao luem
Hang Kruang
Ratchada Sena-Hoi
Proong nee ard mai mee chun
Kor pai kon diew
Medley : Tum pen mai tuk & Yark rong dunk dunk & Tick Tock

Friday, September 08, 2006

Aom Sunisa sexy!?
Blast From The Past with Aom Sunisa ,a girl who got tomboy stlye but this is her 3rd album 'Ma Nus Jang'(Happiness)in 1995. She looked so sexy in this album and vidz too. I'm looking for this for a while! I only got her cassette. Hope you like it!

DL: Aom Sunisa - Ma Nus Jung (Happiness)

Team Satree, T-Skirt
T-Skirt was a girl group who released their debut album T-Skirt in 90's. They made many girls in that moment got retro-dressed in vivid colour. they released two album and this one is their hit song 'Mai Tow Rai (Be easy)'.

DL: T-Skirt - Mai Tow Rai (Be easy)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Santa Lucia
O-negative (1998), A group of five teenagers become friends at Silpakorn University (art college). Prim (Tata Young) has a crush on bad boy Art, while her friend Foon likes quiet Puen. The five form a band, survive freshman initiation rituals, but conflict erupts when romances break up the harmony of the group. This 's all time my fave movie and inspired me to study in Silpakorn University .The Soundtrack features songs from Tata Young, Shawekrit Yamnam and an awesome MIDI and remixes for on the album see the comments!!

DL: Tata Young (O-negative OST.)- Kae Ter Rak Chan (Just Say You Love Me)
Tata Young -El Nin Yo! (Parody) From MTV U-made (Thailand) Awesome!! haha I give her 5 stars lol. I luv it very funny video

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jamp MV
Tata Young - 'El Nin-YO!' Live at 'Temperature Rising' Party
September 5, 2006 - Tata Young made a party for latest international album; Temperature Rising at 100 Rachadamri Club.The show consisted of 7 live music this one is El Nin-YO! (sorry if it LQ) thanks
Masha's CD Cover
this is new album cover from the most beautiful singer in Thailand lol.

Bird Thongchai - Thongchai Village
This is new song from Bird Thongchai 'Kor Dee' album titled 'Thongchai Village' and atleast this one is more like P'Bird's style. This album release 21 Sep 2006. It's gonna be HOT. Check it out for yourself!

DL: Bird Thongchai - Kor Dee (It's OK) radio rip

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good Night, Sweet dream
Back to 90's again! I just get this classic album from Fuddee Funden's fansite. In my opinion, their album was great and I liked many of their songs. Here two songs ripped directly from the CD. Pls let me know if you wanna get other track!

Fundee Funden - Kum Nun Keu (These Words) Vidz

DL: Fundee Funden - Kum Nun Keu (These Words)
DL: Fundee Funden - Haam Chan Tee (Remind Me)

I saw the movie 'Seasons Change' on last sunday, that cool movie but I don't like in the end a bit. " ตอนจบน่ะรู้ตั้งแต่ในมุ้งครับ แต่อยากดูตรงที่ว่า ผู้กำกับจะนำเรื่องสู่ตอนจบอย่างไร กินใจหรือไม่ เร้าอารมณ์หรือไม่ ได้ร้องไห้อีกหรือไม่ เพราะตอนจบน่ะใครก็เล่าได้ครับ แต่การจะเล่าให้ถึงอารมณ์นั้น เราหวังพึ่งพาทีมงานเลยนะครับว่าจะทำให้เราอึ้งได้มั้ย ให้กินใจได้มั้ย แต่ผลที่ได้คือช่วงที่ว่า ช่วงที่ผมถือว่าเป็นไคลแม็กซ์กลับหายไปครับ ทำให้ช่วงท้ายออกจะอ่อนพลังลงอย่างน่าเสียดาย " And I just know it almost named 'Sa La Ya' before lol. The soundtrack here. If you enjoyed the movie, you'll like this.

DL: Seasons Change Ost. - Wad Jai (Test One's Willingness)
DL: Seasons Change Ost. - Rue Du Tee Tak Tang version 12th (Seasons Change 12th)
DL: 4 Seasons - Vivaldi

Credit quote by TRAVOLTA popcornmag

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dr.Kids - Rai Nuk Ruk Sa Loey (You're So Damn Hot) This is your request from their 2nd album 'Modified' cool boyband. The member're Tar Max Aof Tok and Rest in Peace for Tar.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I Hate Amita
This's special song from 'Thames Martin', ex-member of boyband '3 plus One'. They're Amita Tata Young's friends and this video that outfit of a girl seem like Tata in Dangerous video...It's just Pop /a bit India surprise but I like that's title.

Thames Martin - Amita I Hate You Bharata sound in this video I think Tata young sing it.

Tata Zoom Zoom!
Here it is, Tata second single of her album "Temperature Rising". The song is hot. It's a alright track i like it. Check iT out.

DL: Zoom - Tata Young