Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lanna Commins - Yin Dee Pee Ra Gaa

This's Lanna Commins second album 'Yin Dee Pee Ra Gaa'. The first single is Kae Kow Jai (What I am) feat Aom Sunisa and Nara. Nara written rap lyrics in this song too. That's video is great I really like it. Check it out!

DL : Kae Kow Jai (What I am) feat Aom Sunisa & Nara

Kae Kow Jai (What I am) feat Aom Sunisa & Nara cool vidz

Nara, Gemama, KAL - Triple Flavor

Oh! This is interesting album of this year, it's special album from Grammy ' Triple Flavor' the member are Nara, a gal who feature in Thaitanium's hit song Ta-Leang. Kal, who got her hits song 'Months' and new fce Gemma. I Think that'll be great Pop, HIP-HOP, R&B album. The first single is 'Kham Kid Mai Mee Seang (The Voice Within)' I love Nara stlye, she's cool gal. Enjoy!

DL: Triple Flavor - Kham Kid Mai Mee Seang (The Voice Within)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fun Dee - Nologo (New Video)

Nologo "MOSAIC" In Store NOW!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Girly Berry on Lips Magazine, Feb 2007

Credit :

Ki Kiratra (ex-member Niece) - White

Ki "White" The First Debut Album From Ki Kiratra (ex-member Niece).. Will be relaesed om 6 Feb 2007. 'Tuk Ka Ta Tee Tur Fhun' 's first single with Soul-Pop, Enjoy! Check here for MV - Not Your Dream Doll

DL : Ki Kiratra (ex-member Niece) - Tuk Ka Ta Tee Tur Fhun (Not Your Dream Doll)

Rest Up! - Niece Remember this!?

Katreeya English in Rexona commercial

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pamela Bowden - Pretty'P

Back to 1995 with Pamela Bowden again with her hit single 'Sorry' from album Pretty P'. I just get this track and exclusive with this vidz. Pl, you'll see Leo Put starring in this video too. Enjoy!

DL: Pamela Bowden - Sorry

Pamela Bowden - Sorry Video

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gift Festival 25th @ Silpakorn University

Gift Festival 25th @ Silpakorn University Wang Thapra Campus (BKK) 12-17 Feb 2007, 6.00pm until whatever!!!!
Lots of unique handmade stuff by the students in the Faculty of Decorative Arts : ideal gifts, enjoy snacks, sweets drink!, hot live music such as Nologo, Slur, Slot Matchine, Jetset'er, Dudesweet party and many more!!, spectacular fashion show !!! Let's go....!!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tata Young - Anywhere We Can Go

Wow! I just got the theme somg from i-Mobile commercial 'Anywhere We Can Go' a new track from Tata Young that's cool but too short lol. In April, she takes her high-energy pop and dance show on the road to Europe for the first time. Keep watching!

DL: Tata Young - Anywhere We Can Go

Tata Young - Anywhere We Can Go

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nicole Theriault - AIS GSM advance Commercial

Nicole Theriault is a GSM advance 's Presenter again in 'Always GSM advance' commercial that's bring the memory back. And the song in this ads's Ruk Mai Yorm Plien Plang original Tik Shiro's song but I really like Nicole's version so much it's shine and seem like her song.

DL: Nicole Theriault - Ruk Mai Yorm Plien Plang Update

AIS GSM advance Commercial - Always GSM advance

Friday, February 09, 2007

Lena - Body Beat

Lena Christensen ia Thai-Denmark was released her album Body Beat with dance music in 90's from Grammy. My fave track is 'Kep Wai Do Len Sak on'(Keep Me) and 'Puk Pan'(Bound). This album is good for exercise. Lastest new from her just married last year. Enjoy!

DL: Lena - Kep Wai Do Len Sak on(Keep Me)
DL: Lena - 'Puk Pan'(Bound)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kwang Kangsadan - KD-Rom

Another Kita's classic album KD-Rom is a.k.a. of Kwang Kangsadan with music stlye that she called Industry Dance. I just get her cd and my fave track is Ther Mai Pid. but she didn't perform at the lastest Kita concert. Check it out!

KD-Rom - Ban Beumm (Bomb House)
KD-Rom - Ther Mai Pid (It's Not Your Fault)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Aom Sunisa - Pleng Kaung Row

After 4 years that Aom released Ma Nus Jang her 3rd album, In 1998 Aom Sunisa, singer actress and dj released her 4th solo album 'Pleng Kaung Row'. She's Co-Producer in this album and produced by a rocker Jirasak Panphum. I really like this track Mun Mai Ngai (It's Not Easy) which I got two version. Enjoy!

DL: Aom Sunisa - Mun Mai Ngai (It's Not Easy)
DL: Aom Sunisa - Mun Mai Ngai (It's Not Easy) Acoustic Version

Aom Sunisa - Mun Mai Ngai (It's Not Easy)

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tata Young - Catch Me I'm Falling (Proong-Ne Mai-Sai Eng. Version)

I think this one is Tata's first english song 'Catch Me I'm Falling' that's Proong-Ne Mai-Sai in english version taken from Tata special concert I Love You in 1995. Enjoy!

DL: Tata Young - Catch Me I'm Falling

Tata Young - Catch Me I'm Falling Live in Tata special concert : I Love You

Tic Tac Toe - 1st Jab

If you like Golf-Mike you'll like this sure! Trio boyband from Kita but I think they seem like a girlband (cos they got J-pop looking before many singers at this time). Ton, Tee and Pae release first album 'Tic Tac Toe - 1st Jab' in 90's and many song from this album got Japan lyrics with Thai lyrics too. Check it out!

DL:Tic Tac Toe - Mai Hai Lum Bak
DL: Tic Tac Toe - Mee Chan Me Thur

Tic Tac Toe - Mai Hai Lum Bak

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Grand Opeing Hesheit 9-10

Grand opening of Hesheit 9-10 and live animaton by Wisut Ponnimit at Thailandbook Tower, Soi Sathon 12 on Feb 24th, 2007 for more details click

Parody Girly Berry - Reality

Parody Girly Berry in video Reality. Haha so scared me!! 555 Funny!!