Friday, August 31, 2007

Double U : Glow in the dark

Jugg Chawin and Ying Ponwisa duo groub 'Double U' released the 2nd album 'Glow in the dark' in 2000 the first single is 'Chun Ja Tarm (Follow You)' and the next single 'Ruk Chun Por Arai (The Reason)' and 'Yark Yoo Ngao Ngao (Staying Alone)' also hits song 'Tua Jing ... Kong Ter (You're Real)' this is the original version too.

The Track List
1. Mai yark pen tua rai
2. Chun Ja Tarm
3. Yoo nai baan kon diew
4. Yark Yoo Ngao Ngao
5. Khon duad ron
6. Ruk chun por arai
7. Tua jing ... kong ter
8. Sei dai wela
9. Muen kan pai mod
10. Kor chun mun na blue

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Andy ATK - Nan Laew Na

Andy is the ex-member of Dragon 5 thai popular boyband. After they sprit Andy concentrate to do his solo project until he done it by himself that's 'ATK Rev 0.1'. I think he doing it quite well. Cheer you up Andy good job!

DL: Andy ATK - Nan Laew Na (I'm Sorry Babe)
DL: Andy ATK - Nan Laew Na (I'm Sorry Babe)Korean Version

Andy ATK - Nan Laew Na (I'm Sorry Babe)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Taya Roger in The Great Escape from Boys Like Girls

Taya Rogers just comeback to Thailand after study in US. The lastest project Taya appears in Boys Like Girls's video 'The Great Escape' she's so cute and I think she can goes well in Hollywood industry!

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ICE - Puen Sanit Kid Mai Sue

ICE's 2nd MV from 'Party On ICE' album 'Puen Sanit Kid Mai Sue(Don't Wanna Be Your Friend)'. He's got Chompoo (Araya A.Hargate) on his MV!! (She was awarded the sexiest woman of the year-2006 by FHM.)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunny - Kon Kaung Tur (OST Sai Lub Jab Ban Lek) 9.09.07

This is a new flick from GTH 'Sai Lub Jab Ban Lek'(Super Spy) Sai Lub Jab Ban Lek official website Check it out! and Suuny singing in 'Kon Kaung Tur' an OST Sai Lub Jab Ban Lek too. I love this poster so cute!

Sunny - Kon Kaung Tur (OST Sai Lub Jab Ban Lek)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Subnai - Hom

Flashback, Another Thai girl groub but they play the music too, Subnai this is her fisrst album with hits single 'Hom(Fragrant)'. Jeab Dusita was ex-lead singer and after that she leaved the groub and Subnai still release another album by trio girl. Check It out!

DL: Subnai - Hom (Fragrant)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Peck's new album I'm In Love.

2nd album from Peck Palitchoke is 'I'm In Love' with the double single 'In Love' & 'Card Bi Ngeung (One Card)' more dance, colourful and relaxing. The Peck's new album is out this 21st Aug 2007. Coming soon!

DL : Peck Palitchoke - In Love

Peck Palitchoke - In Love & Card Bi Ngeung

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Boy Pissanu AF2 - Boyster

2nd album from Boy Pissanu AF2 umm I think I love his 1st album much more..anyway let's for Boy AF2 more check this and CONCERT: Boy Ster Floor on Fire too!

DL : Boy Pissanu - Kid Mak Pai Chai Mai (Am I Worry?)

Boy Pissanu - Kid Mak Pai Chai Mai

Video: kidmakpai


Ice Aof Bie 3 super stars from 3 stages



Gancore Club in Cheeze vol. 4 no. 39 July 2007


BUDDHA BLESS - Bump Boom Boom MV

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

MOS &TATA - Piang Puen (Live) 15.02.1997

Mos & Tata Young's collaboration for Red Bike Story Movie in 1997. Taken from Mos-Tata & Friends Concert on February 15, 1997
Credit : tpoppop

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Christina Aguilar & Got Jukkrapun - Copacabana

It's a very old performance 'Copacabana' from Christina Aguilar & Got Jukkrapun at 'The 9th Decade Building for The King' check it out!

Christina Aguilar & Got Jukkrapun - Copacabana