Saturday, March 27, 2010

Joey Boy - Salaone

'Salaone' is a classic video because you'll see Oh Futon (She was a bass member of Joey Boy) in this Video with Cris Horwang!, Odett Henriet!, Bo-Joyce Triumphs Kingdom and Kristin too! from Albume Tourist (Tua Rit) released in 2000.

DL: Joey Boy - Salaone สาละวัน

Joey Boy - Salaone สาละวัน

Friday, March 26, 2010

D-Sine - Sai Charoenpura

D-Sine (1999) 3rd album from Sine Charoenpura goes to rock!
DL: D-Sine - Sai Lom Tee Wung Dee
DL: D-Sine - Kern Sia Jai

D-Sine - Kern Sia Jai

D-Sine - Sai Lom Tee Wung Dee

Sai Charoenpura - Kroo Gra Daat Sai

Sai Charoenpura is half sister of Mai Charoenpura. Nowday she's the great actress. In 1995 Sai relaeaed t-pop album 'Na Ri Ka Sai' and got hit song 'Kroo Gra Daat Sai'. This is one of classic video that I found! Enjoy!

Sai Charoenpura - Kroo Gra Daat Sai (My Teacher)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

เปิดเผยแล้ว เจ้าของ Viral Video ที่ร่ำลือกันว่าเป็น Christina Aguilera

เปิดเผยแล้วค่าาาา เจ้าของ Viral Video ที่ร่ำลือกันว่าเป็นติ๊นา Christina Aguilera แต่สุดท้ายโพสคลิปล่าสุด โดยใช้ชื่อสั้นๆว่า b และก็มีคนคาดเดาว่าเธอคือ Jonna Lee นักร้องชาว สวีเดน หลอนได้ใจเลยแหละ ติดตามวิดีโอต่างๆของนางได้ที่

After a long and disturbing series of viral videos from mysterious YouTube user iamamiwhoami we finally have a face to attach to the weirdness. Initially, it was thought that the videos were a viral promotion for Christina Aguilera's new Bionic album, then there thoughts of Bjork, along with many others. The forum members over at Popjustice ... See Morestayed on the case and have found that the artist for these videos may be Swedish singer Jonna Lee.

In the end, after all the virals featuring night-sweat inducing imagery, all I've got to say is... this is some F'd up chiz and if Jonna Lee is the artist responsible for this... she had better have a quality album coming up in the future.

Credit: musicistheheartofoursoul

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pamela Bowden - Ballad hits

After I posted 'Sorry' Pamela's hits song. Now I found her ballad songs & video from her t-pop album. Kham Lup (Secret) from album 'Pretty P'(1995)' and Ja Rak Kan Eak Dai Mai (Love Again?) from album 'Chan Mai Chai Hoon Yon'(1999). Enjoy!

Ja Rak Kan Eak Dai Mai (Love Again?)-Pamela Bowden

Kham Lup (Secret)- Pamela Bowden

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sukanya Migael - Dee Dee Kan Wai

Do you remember Sukanya Migael?. She rock! one of my classic album foever.
Let's check her offical site
DL : Sukanya Migael - Dee Dee Kan Wai

Sukanya Migael - Dee Dee Kan Wai

Sukanya Migael - Crossover

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Famous Five: A Tribute to Hydra

Special album The Famous Five: A Tribute to Hydra with new Dunk's label with many great Thai artist. I like Aom Sunisa in single 'Tua Plom' really great comeback love the video so much.

Release date : 9 November 2009
Publisher : Warner Music
Label : Revol Music Creation
Track List
1. Chood daeng : Dunk Punkorn
2. Klai tao derm : Burin Groove Riders
3. Tua plom : Aom Sunisa
4. Duek leaw : Modern Dog
5. Nor.Sor. Hoon yon : ETC. Feat. Parng Nakarin

Bonus Track
6. Wai jai : Nok, Arm, Fon, Tuek, Kong KPN Award 2009

Tua plom : Aom Sunisa

Ann Nantana Bunlong

Anne Nantana Bunlong is the one of KPN award. She got 2 pop album with Grammy in 1999 - early 2000 and now she teach sing and being ventriloquist. I love Footwork Ann 2nd album. Check it out!


Tata Young inteview when she was young at Twilight Show

When Tata Young WOn Nissan Awards Thailand Junior Singing Contest 1992. She goes to interview at Twilight show and I memorize that I saw this show when I was young too. I'm glad to found this video. Tata Young really out standing the the moment^^.
For Ladeezpop I think I'll back to post some rare t-pop. I found many great old video now and wanna share with you. Welcome back classic t-pop on ladeezpop!

Tata young at Twilight Show 1992 part1

Tata young at Twilight Show 1992 part2